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Tianhai 50000㎡New Headquarter Base Construction Ceremony held

   8:18AM, 11th April, Tianhai Flow Control Co. held a ceremony for her new headquarter base construction at the same day with Tongling city’s unblock from Virus restriction. This new factory, covering an area of 50,000㎡in Shizishan Economic Development Zone,Tonling city, will be Tianhai's headquarters. Partial employees, Chairman Mr. Zhao Min, G.M. Mr. Zhao Guangsheng, Deputy G.M. Mr. Wang Congwei, the responsible persons of the construction company and supervision parties attended it together.  


   Under the background of uncertainties in the global economy and the current COVID-19 situation, Tianhai team grasp the challenge with firm confidence, fully demonstrating its determination to pursue sustainable development.  

   After the completion of this new plant, Tianhai's capacity, strength and image will be comprehensively improved, which mark the development of Tianhai into a new stage.