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Talent Concept

"In recent years, in accordance with the spirit of the superior documents on talent work, the company has made the construction of the talent team the top priority, and formulated a ten-year talent growth plan based on talent and strategy, talent and industry, talent and market, and talent and development. Adapting to the requirements of human resources adjustment, focusing on optimizing the structure of human resources and improving the overall quality of employees, aiming at the construction of three teams of management talents, professional technical talents, and skilled talents, innovating the employment mechanism, and building a broad platform for the growth of talents. The total amount has risen significantly, the quality of talents has been continuously improved, and the talent structure has been continuously optimized, providing a strong guarantee for the company's development.

Increase the training of young scientific and technological innovation talents, get rid of the concept of seeking full responsibility, and make every effort to build a high-level scientific and technological innovation team. Give full play to the role of the main position in training and training of technical schools and worker colleges, increase the training and rotation of the staff team, highlight the practical ability of skilled personnel, focus on the discovery of talents at the production line, and train and bring up high-skilled talents through major projects. The idea of “good entry, excellent main body, and high-end” highlights the “three types” of skill training. That is, based on the national vocational skills appraisal, consolidate initial and intermediate "skilled" training; strengthen the combination of professional theoretical knowledge and production practice, and promote the growth of "technical skills" talents for senior workers; use professional technology to solve practical problems in production Mainly, vigorously build a team of "intelligent compound" senior skilled personnel above technicians. The company adheres to the talent development concept of "the capable ones, the average ones let the mediocre ones, and the mediocre ones", so that the truly capable can use their strengths.

The company formulates internal and external training plans every year, including out-of-office training, internal skills enhancement training, and post-teacher training, which aims to provide every employee with fair and just learning and promotion opportunities. "