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   On March 16, 2012             the company registered and established

   On May 27, 2015                the company was officially listed on the New OTC Market

   On November 1, 2016        the company merged and reorganized its wholly-owned subsidiary-Anhui Fluid Pump System Co., Ltd

   On January 1, 2017             the company moved to the new plant

    On May 12, 2017               the company registered and established a wholly-owned subsidiary-Tongling Shanhai Intelligent

                                                 Manufacturing Co., Ltd

   On November 3, 2018        the main project of the company's provincial R&D platform project was in successful structure roof sealing

   On December 1, 2018        the new plant of the wholly-owned subsidiary -Anhui Fluid Pump System Co., Ltd. was completed and

                                                 completed relocation

   On September 18, 2019     the subsidiary Anhui Kaisiwei Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established

   On October 18, 2019         the company's R&D building was officially completed