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   The company has been established for a short time, but its governance is standardized. Especially after listing on the new third board, corporate governance is basically operated according to the requirements of listed companies. The corporate governance situation is as follows:

   In strict accordance with the company law, the securities law, the supervision and management measures of unlisted public companies, the business rules of the national share transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises (for Trial Implementation) and relevant laws and regulations, the company has continuously improved the corporate governance structure, established a modern enterprise system, established an effective internal control management system, and realized standardized operation. The convening, holding and voting procedures of the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors of the company meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Major decisions of the company are made in accordance with the prescribed procedures. During the reporting period, the relevant organizations and personnel of the company operated according to law, without any violation of laws and regulations, and earnestly performed their duties and obligations..