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Social Responsibility

Labor protection

While protecting the basic rights and interests of employees and ensuring their safety in production, the company strives to create conditions for employees to realize their self-worth. At the same time, in strict accordance with the "labor law", "labor contract law" and other laws and regulations, establish a formal and legal labor relationship with employees, pay pension, medical, unemployment, work-related injury, childbirth and other social insurance and housing accumulation fund for employees in accordance with the law; strengthen the communication between the company and employees to protect the right to know and participation of employees; constantly improve the human resource management system 。

In the development of corporate culture, we actively organize staff activities and cultural activities, set up football teams, cycling clubs and other activity associations, and organize football league matches, badminton, parent-child activities, tree planting activities, lantern riddles guessing, new year's party, festival party and other colorful activities. A number of activities are closely combined with Party building work and corporate culture, and the contents are positive and rich The staff spare time life, enhanced the cohesive force.